tao systemThere is a lot of talk about Joshua Pellicer book “The Tao System” and how it has saved the lives of thousands of guy’s who needed help with their dating lives.

Almost every guy wants to meet that special person, but for some reason they do not have the confidence to ask a girl out on a date or perhaps no idea how to talk to a girl to begin with.

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I’ve been there myself and it’s pretty painful to know that some of your friends don’t seem to have any problem chatting up girls, getting their number and talking them home for the night.

It can be quite a bit of a shock to see an average looking guy with a beautiful looking girl.

I know I’ve been there myself but can’t seem to stop questioning how some ugly looking dude can pull a hot chick and I can’t.

I’m not a bad looking guy and most women would consider me good looking but whenever I found myself surrounded by girls or a specific kind of girl that I can’t seem to stop thinking about.

I always struggled with getting her to somewhat show an interest in me.

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Guys are still experiencing problems with women, they blame it on their looks, how they dress, the type of job they work at and even the income they earn.

They think they need to have lots of money, come from a rich family, be a popular guy, drive a cool car, and have a cool job to make girls attracted to them.

Guys this is bullshit! Yes you heard me.

Don’t buy into what the media and what the influencers of your friends and family have programmed you to believe.

Once you come to terms with who you really are and that you have just as much of a chance to get any girl you want, everything else will fall into place. You first need to change your way of thinking.

To break it down in the simplest of terms, how you think about women and yourself manifests in the real world. I know I’m going a little bit off topic here but you need to realize that your thoughts are really powerful.

Many famous writers throughout century have said “You become that which you think about”. Each of us has the ability to attract the women we want in our lives.

If you still doubt this fact, it just means you have to realize your true potential. I understand that it can be difficult right now because of where you are at in life.

But when I read “The Tao System” (That’s what I like to call it) It really opened my eyes and gave me the encouragement to talk to more women.

It gave me the tools I was lacking such as:

These are just some of the basic techniques I’ve learned from reading the Tao of Badass System but once you learn them yourself and you’ll start having success with women yourself.

The Tao Book of Badass summary

Throughout the book Joshua Pellicer summarizes all of the practical points from what he has experienced in the real world along with visual and bonus videos that demonstrates this.

The Tao System PDF is possibly the greatest dating guide found on the internet according to many men who have successfully used the tactics in the real world, including myself.

Joshua cut’s out all the unnecessary bullshit and only gives you step by step instructions that have been proven to work for him and his clients.

The Tao of Badass Guide is not another one of these scams you hear about, it is 100% legit and works if you put into effect what it teaches.

Personally I found the videos and the eBooks extremely beneficial and easy to learn from. Joshua lays everything out in an easy, understandable format so by the time you finish reading it you will be looking forward to putting it to the test.

Below is a brief description of The Tao of Badass System

After you purchase The Tao System book you will have access to the member’s area (lots of cool videos and bonus eBooks) where Joshua himself will give you an introduction on how to get started.

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The content is very eye catching, practical and easy to remember so you don’t have to keep logging in to remember something.

There is also a live chat where you can talk to other members about the Tao of Bad Ass and the kind of results they are getting from women.

I love this feature and have made some really cool friends from it. It’s a bit like face book. Check out the screenshot below:

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When you have access to all this great material you will suddenly realize that the mistakes and missed opportunities that caused you to fail with beautiful women.

If you do not know this already, pre-selection is the most important stage as far as women are concerned.

Because if you do not believe you have high value in a woman’s eyes it’s very unlikely she will feel any attraction towards you.

I believe this is definitely true because anytime I’ve had a bad day and gone out that night I always felt like crap and woman wouldn’t even look at me.

Ever noticed you get way more attention from girls when you are feeling on top of the world, you might have had a great day at work, or for whatever other reason.

Regardless women can sense how you feel about yourself so it’s important that you know how to project an aura of self-confidence and sexuality.

So when your in this state on mind and body, flirting feels natural and women will respond in your favor.

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Just remember guys it doesn’t matter if a guy is attractive or has a sexy body, women will always go after the guy who knows how to have a great conversation with her and be able to turn her on at the same time.

Trust me when you get to this stage it will be so much easier getting a date with her or getting her into bed on the first night.

When you go to meet women in bar where nobody knows you, either wealth or money does not matter in the early stages of an interaction.

When she meets you for the first time she doesn’t know anything about you – where you work, how much money you make, absolutely nothing!

But you cannot hide making a first impression when someone enters a room.

So it’s important for you to understand, how to present yourself because what you do determines whether or not she sees you as the prize.

how to be the prize

Women will form a first impression based on how you present yourself, meaning, your attitudes, your body language, your posture and every little gesture you make.

For example, if a guy see’s an woman he would like to talk to and he walks wobbly across the room to her, the signal transmitted to her is, he is nervous and doesn’t have any confidence.

nervous guy in barThis happens to a lot of guys because they are focused on making a good impression and getting her approval instead of the other way around.

That’s where the Tao System PDF comes in handy.

It  is easy to learn, easy to apply and will give you the results that you previously taught were impossibly.

If you don’t get your dating life handled now you will keep making excuses over and over and every girl you meet will end up in some other guy’s arms.

You deserve to meet and date the kind of women you desire.

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