6 Things That Women Like To See In A Man

6 things women like to see in a man

Most men have no clue about the things that women like to see in men. knowing what a women likes will get you more dates and more sex than you can handle.

If your not sure how to attract women then this is for you.

Things That Women Like To See In A Man

1. A Good Decision Maker

Women want a man who can make decisions, they don’t like anyone who is indecisive.

They want a guy who can be really forward without being really tough about it. Women don’t want a guy who is bossy either, just a guy who can make the right decisions.

2. Confidence

If a guy has a good aura of confidence and a strong sense of who they are that can be very attractive to women. But don’t be mistaken guys, confidence and ego are two different things but just having a good self-awareness and good core values is attractive.

3. Comfortable In His Skin

Women will feel a lot more comfortable in your presence when your relaxed and comfortable with who you are.

There is nothing worse than spending time with a guy who is nervous and isn’t able to enjoy himself with a women.

Also most women get completely taking by a sense of hour. It also makes spending time with a women more exciting when the guy is able to laugh at his own jokes and tease a girl about something she did.

Women completely melt for this and find it very sexy.

If you have ever watch the episode from friends when Danny DeVito was the male stripper. Women absolutely love his sense of humor even though he’s not the most attractive man either.

But remember you cannot be funny and dumb at the same time because it takes some level of intelligence to be witty.

So when somebody is funny they have a real spirit for life and humor is such and turn on.

Even if something terribly wrong happens in the interaction with a women at least the guy will be able to have that sense of humor to lighten things up and make the girl feel safe with them.

This is the type of guy who doesn’t take himself or the world to seriously.

A lot of guys walk around carrying so much weight on their shoulders and women find that really boring and they can easily get stressed out from being with him. It doesn’t mean you need to be a jerk either though, although women are attracted to jerks for a very good reason.

But if you are a nice guy and are able to give her what she wants and make her feel really special at the right moment, that’s even better.

Women do not want a guy who is stressed out because it usually means they will be stressed out all the time.

Yea, it’s okay to feel stressful at times but you have to be able to lighten up and have fun.

4. Inspiration and Ambition

Women are also attracted to men who know where they are going in life and have ambition.

Although having a clear vision can be a bit dangerous because sometimes it can be confused with fear so they just want to succeed for all the wrong reasons.

But if you can have a vision of where your going in life, that can be really inspiring and attractive to beautiful women.

Having that sense of purpose and he pours his passion into that, it’s a very appealing thing to have.

Even the guy is an entrepreneur who is in financial dept they will find a way to succeed and go back up again.

It has nothing to do with how much money they have it’s more to do with being capable of going after things that will improve their quality of life.

5. Physical Attributes

You might think that your looks are everything but your wrong. Some women are attracted to broad shoulders, not the big muscular kinda guys but a guy who is big and cuddle.

They also find a guy who is healthy and takes good care of himself attractive.

It’s something that they expect from a man and it’s the same that men like women that take good care of themselves also.

There are quite a lot of women that are quite overweight and not exactly what most guys perceive as hot and sexy. Good hygiene is very important, clean hands, face, smell, clothes etc.

6. Generosity

I’m not talking about spoiling women with gifts here but being able to pay her warm compliments, give her your time and emotions. Being able to express yourself is a apart of generosity.

So there you have it, these are just some of the top things that women like to see in men.

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