Be A Man – Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside The Box

don't be afraid to to think outside the box

One of the advantages you have as a nice guy is that you take a sincere interest in the women you date (right?).

Most nice guys spend more time planning to make a date nice, and taking the time to find out what this woman is all about.

Quite a few bad guys and egotistic guys (the type that women eventually learn to really dislike a lot) rely on the same stale routines for all of their dates.

They do the same things and go to the same places, seldom taking the time to be really interested in the person they’re dating and what she might enjoy.

This doesn’t mean that you have to put your interests and preferences on hold.

What it means is that you need to figure out things to do that you’ll both enjoy and that will give you a chance to get to know each other in a comfortable setting.

You don’t have to worry about impressing her with the amount of money you spend on the date or taking her to a club that only celebrities and socialites can get into.

You’ll need to impress her by being interesting, fun, a good listener and sincerely concerned with finding out who she is and what she’s all about.

So, it’s very important to think outside the box when planning dates.

If you’ve been paying attention to what she says she likes, you can surprise her now and then with an adventure or tickets to a show she’s been dying to see.

The movie and dinner scene can get boring, and she might begin to resent the same old, same old.

It’s up to you to keep things interesting and fun. Other things you can do to be creative and gain her top spot for best date could be:

  • These might be of real interest to her, but maybe you’re not so excited. If you do something like this once in awhile for her, you’re going to gain major points. And you might find that you enjoy the ballet (it could happen).
  • If she’s expressed an interest in learning something new and you’re interested too, or already know about that particular topic, take her on a date where she (and you) can learn about it. For example, if she’s never been skiing, but has mentioned that she thinks it looks like fun, plan a day-trip to the nearest bunny hill and go for it. Or take an art class with her to learn a new technique if she admires paintings.
  • Mix things up by going on dinner and movie dates now and then, and then an afternoon date to the zoo, and then something exciting and new, like the ski date mentioned above. The trick is to not do the same thing over and over and to not assume she’ll want to do everything that you want to do. It’s a give and take.

Keep your dating routine anything, but routine and you’ll find that she looks forward to each date with you – wondering what will be next. Don’t forget to ask her what she’s interested in doing for dates, and enjoy dating outside the box!

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