Become A Natural With Women Using The Tao Book of Badass

become a natural with women

When it comes to success with women, a “Natural” is a guy who attracts women and gets dates without really having to try at all.

Unlike most guys who fumble their way through conversations and dates and hope to “get lucky,” a Natural cruises through the entire process from conversation to sex and into a relationship.

It’s just natural and easy for him.

A lot of this happens because the Natural displays the traits and behaviors that naturally attract women, such as: Confidence, humor, flirting and masculinity. It’s not about his looks, money or his nationality. It’s about his personality.

You would have personally seen ENDLESS examples of guys who are naturally good with women, but who are NOT good looking, rich or even a “bad boy” for that matter.

When you develop and display the behaviors and personality traits that naturally attract women, attraction happens by DEFAULT.

By that I mean: You don’t have to TRY to get a woman to feel attraction for you, it just happens naturally, every time.

How long will it take until I become a Natural With Women?

It depends on:

• How committed you are to achieving it.

• What your follow-through is like.

• The level at which you are starting.

Let’s look at those three bullet points in more detail:

How Committed You Are to Achieving it

You may be excited about learning how to become a natural with women, but how committed are you to actually doing it.

When a guy first reads the Tao Book Of Badass, he will usually be on a high for a few weeks with all the cool new stuff he has discovered.

However, unless he takes action and uses the advice, the high will end pretty soon and he’ll start going back into his old ways.

Tao Book of Badass

If you are committed to doing whatever it takes to become natural with women, you need to accept that you actually have to be able to chat to women to get there.

You have to come to terms with the fact that success in this area involves doing things that are outside of your comfort zone.

If walking up to a woman and starting a conversation is outside your comfort zone (it is for about 95% of guys), you need to make an agreement with yourself that you are going to try.

Decide now that you will no longer accept a life of desperately taking whatever you can get.

What Your Follow-Through is Like the guys who have achieved the most success using The Tao System PDF are those who:

• Go out to socialize at least two days or two nights per week to work.

These guys focus on improving the areas they need to work on the most and keep going until those areas are FIXED.

For instance, some guys will focus on starting conversations with random women while others will focus on escalating to kissing and sex.

Some guys will get a girlfriend immediately because they will be closer to being a Natural than other guys are when they start out.

how to chat to women

Some guys may need to do a few more approaches than other guys before they eventually get a phone number and date.

Why? Guys like that are usually starting at “rock bottom,” so their skills with women are basically non-existent.

Just like any complex task takes a couple of tries to get used to, the same applies to approaching, attracting and picking up women.

When you pass through the awkward, initial stage of “getting used to it,” the whole thing eventually becomes one of the SIMPLEST things you will ever do in your life.

Personally speaking, approaching and picking up a woman is like putting bread in a toaster for me; I do it without thinking about it.

It’s just so simple.

Whatever level of skill you are at right now, the most important thing is that you actually use the techniques when TALKING TO WOMEN. Nothing happens (and you can’t use The Tao System) until you actually talk to women.

No amount of sitting around thinking of what you “could” do will change your situation. Talk to women and go through each of the steps of The Tao Book of Badass Complete System.

Keep an active list of things they have achieved and areas that still need work.

After a couple of approaches you might find that starting conversation is now easy for you, but you have been forgetting to use an important technique called “Assume Rapport” that I will teach you about later.

If you don’t assume rapport, you’ll most likely create an awkward vibe at the start of the conversation, the woman will then put her guard up and she then won’t want to talk to you.

If that was the case, you would simply need to focus on improving that particular part of an interaction with a woman by remembering to assume rapport.

The active list of what you have achieved and areas that still need some work will remind you of what you need to focus on (and improve) to enjoy natural success in your interactions with women.

• Improve their mindsets on a daily basis.

Your mindsets (the way you think/your habitual way of thinking) will either cause you to feel confident and inspired, or nervous and unmotivated.

If you currently think in a way that causes you to feel nervous, you need to change that by improving your mindsets/way of thinking. It’s pretty simple.

The guys who achieve rapid success in this area take control of their mindsets until thinking in a positive, confident way becomes natural for them.

For example: If you want to approach a woman, you may think, “I can’t do it…I feel nervous…I don’t know if I am capable of improving and actually doing this” Simply change that to a better mindset/way of thinking, “This is fun…I’m going to get better with each and every approach.

The more I do it, the stronger I will become and the more naturally confident I will be…

Once to know what it takes to develop the mindset and succeed with beautiful women, life will become a lot of fun, approaching women will be a breeze and you will have more control over your dating life like never before!

Try the Tao System it out Today and watch your life change!!

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