Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Women

mistakes-men-make-with-women1Exactly, what are the biggest mistakes men make with women and how do you avoid it? It depends on what atmosphere, for example let’s say a bar.

Now just imagine walking into a bar by yourself, and you go up to the bar to get a drink.

There are a lot of people at the bar, and you see a group of girls standing around, and you get the nerve to approach and talk to them for a second.

You say whatever is on your mind during that time, maybe you don’t know what to say at all.

But finally muster up the courage to ask one of the girls, “how do you know John”? She starts talking to you. It’s a bit of a loud environment so what do you do?

You start to lean forward and each time you speak you can’t hear what she is saying over the all the loud music and chatter.

Each time you lean in to hear her speak, it subconsciously says to the girl that you are not interesting and important enough to listen to.

Now women are seeing this subconsciously; they are not thinking that logically, they are feeling this, which is much worse! So what do you do instead of leaning forward?

There is only one thing you need to do that will change the way you will attract women forever.

You turn your head to an angle instead of toward them, a little bit over in sort of a perpendicular direction, around 90 degrees.

So if she is in front of you, you should lean slightly at an angle and point to your ear like you can’t hear her, and she will lean into you and talk to you.

She’s going to bridge that gap, and that’s exactly what you want her to do. So when she starts to lean in, you should be speaking loud enough so she can hear you.


Then she will begin to think that she is attracted to you because when we leave the body, our minds follow, which basically means if I do something, i go through the motions of physically doing something.

The mind associates that movement with some feeling, and women typically don’t lean into talk to a guy, unless they are attracted to him.

So as they are leaning in, they become more attracted to you.

It’s kind of a ninja technique, and I recommend trying it and avoid leaning into her.

Men also make a lot of other problems when talking to women such as not touching enough, building rapport way too quickly and talking too much.

So if you want to avoid all of these mistakes, I suggest you check out Joshua Pellicer The Tao of Bad Ass for more information.


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