Do Men Prefer Naturally Beautiful Women Without Makeup?

naturally beautiful no makeup

I was talking to a few of my friends the other day about whether or not they prefers naturally beautiful women without makeup or women that are not so attractive unless they wear makeup?

They all agreed that they prefer a women to be naturally beautiful without all the fancy clothing, high heels, going to the specialist who grows lashes, doing makeup and hair extensions.

Do Men Prefer Naturally Beautiful Women Without Makeup?

There is going to be a lot of guys with their own opinion on this. But there are guys who will be more accepting of fakeness.

Me personally, I myself ┬ádon’t accept fakeness when it comes to the type of women I go for.

Anything such as fake breasts is a big big turn off for me.

But I think in reality, every man wants the most naturally beautiful woman he can find.

So if the man feels that the makeup and anything else their adding is distracting him from seeing them as a naturally beautiful women, it’s not gonna do it for him.

I have often heard guys say they love a girl in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, because they want women to know that they are naturally beautiful without all the hair extensions and makeup.

So deep down men do not want to see women with things that distract us.

Do Men Really Think Makeup is Attractive on a Women?

do men really think makeup attractive

One of the things that men have become really good at over the years is seeing through the distractions.

Just like when a women sees a guy walk into a bar or club, she can instantly tell by using her emotional intelligence what he fears or if he’s alone or with somebody.

Guys have this same kind of intelligence in the physical world, so we can see a girl wearing for example loose baggy clothes and try to tell what her body really looks like underneath.

It’s just what we as men have been programmed of the kind of women we look for back in the caveman days.

That’s how our brain thinks. We want women to be as natural and unique as they can without looking like a barbie ┬ádoll.

Please leave your comments on what you think yourself!

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