Do Not Use Scripts To Get Women To Like You

using scripts to get women to like you

There are no magic words. There is no special script to get women to like you. My advice is do not use scripts to get women to like you. There is no “one size fits all” speech you can memorize. Forget about scripts of what to say to women.

What Do I Mean About Using Scripts To Get Women To Like You?

The reason you think you need a script is because you’re nervous and shy and that makes your brain freak out and your mind goes blank. You think a script will “save you” somehow. But it won’t.

What if you memorize some script and it doesn’t work? Or what if you forget your script? You’ll start to panic because you won’t know what to do or say next.

Plus, if you’re following a script, then you’re stuck with it. You run the risk of coming across as phony and rehearsed. Women pick up on this. It will turn her off instantly.

Here’s the truth about why guys think they need scripts. If you see a woman you want to meet and you have no confidence in yourself, then you have all kinds of questions and doubts in your mind that make you hesitate.

You question all kinds of things – “maybe she’s out of my league,” someone as beautiful as her probably already has a boyfriend, “even if I do muster up the courage to approach her, what should I say after hello?”

On the other hand, if you have super confidence. You don’t ask yourself all those questions.

You go right up to her and talk to her about anything you feel like talking about. What to say truly does not matter when you are confident in yourself.

Futhermore, the reality is that there is not scripts that can possibly cover how to approach in various places. In other words, what you say to a woman you approach is going to vary depending on where you are.

If you’re in a nightclub, at a party or a coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore, a grocery store, or the library, what you say will depend on that context.

If you’re at the supermarket, you’re not going to comment on how loud the band is, as if you’re in a nightclub. That just makes sense, right?

the correct way to talk to womenThe Correct Way To Talk To Women

If you’re in a bookstore, it’s natural to talk about books; if you’re in the grocery store, it’s logical you’d ask her how to properly pick out a ripe tomato; if you’re in a nightclub you might comment on the DJ.

No matter where you are, you can compliment her in some way as an “ice breaker” by saying she carries herself well, has “good energy” or you can make a funny comment about something that’s going on in that context.

The bottom line is this: When you achieve your goal of feeling super confident, you’ll be 100% clear about the fact that scripts are for guys that feel socially awkward and lack confidence in themselves.

Wondering about what to say to her is just your fear, plain and simple. If you think you need a script, that’s just a crutch. It also means you’re afraid there will be an “uncomfortable silence.

Scripts are just a crutch to cover up your lack of confidence – just a child’s security blanket.

As you learn to man up and think outside the box, you don’t need a security blanket anymore. In exactly the same way, as you learn how to become more natural, you can get stop using scripts and making a fool out of yourself to get a woman’s approval so that hopefully she will like you.

It only makes you look needy and insecure. Women see right through this and can tell when you are trying to impress them. Practice saying what you really think of them and forget about the outcome.

Keep this up for a while and you’ll get far better responses from woman that will ultimately lead to getting more dates in the long run.

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