Getting out of the Friend Zone


Guys have asked me, “what is the best way of getting out of the friend zone”?

That is one of the most common questions I get from guys. And everyone got a different variation of this question.

And almost every guy has the exact same problem. So I am going to talk about what got you there in the first place and what you need to do to get out of it.

Not Touching Enough

It can be complicated if you don’t know exactly what to do.

There are two major reasons why guys fall into the friend zone, usually these are working in conjunction with each other so you’re doing both of these things.

The first one is not touching enough.

The reason why this is the case is because the friend zone is a massive amount of rapport with a woman, such as trust, comfort but not any sexuality. Sexuality is a physical connection with one person.

So in order to build that sexuality you have to beat the touch barrier early one and you have to continue to break the touch barrier as time goes on.

So basically what that means, is when you first meet a women you weren’t touching her in the first three to five seconds on her shoulder or on her hand, just briefly for at least two to three seconds or maybe even less.

Then take your hand off again. As you’re touching her and you’re not doing that constantly then , at least once a minute when you are taking then you are probably headed towards the friend zone.

So what she’s doing then is she’s building all this curiosity around you, she’s interested, she’s a threat by you at the beginning.

She’s not getting any physical touch so that intrigue is not attached to anything, it’s just there so when she see’s you it just triggers it.

So you need to use emotional anchors, which are different things that we associate with different emotions.

And when you can touch a woman while you are talking to her then you will anchor the comfort of trust and connection.

So that every time you touch her she will feel that intrigue feeling again.

And if you don’t do it the first time you meet a women you won’t have it at all, you’ll have to re-frame it all over again.

So I’d say the first one is, not touching at all. I’d walk into a bar and I’d say that 90-95 % of them don’t touch enough and usually they could all touch around at least 200% more meaning , the amount of time they touch, it could be three times more and It will still be fine but they would get far better results.

So if your not touching a women at all, then you want to be touching her at least three times when you are talking to her.

Just make sure that you do it casually like she’s a friend of yours, the on the shoulder.

So for example you might say something to her like, “ya know what you think about this?” at the same time touching her on the arm.

Not Building Enough Rapport

The other reason why guys fall into the friends zone is they skip the stage of attraction all together.

This is like walking up to a girl in the bar and saying, Do you come here often? So that is sort of a fake rapport which is your trying to build this connection with her way way to early!

When they first meet you they don’t care where you’re from, what your name is, what you’re interested in.

They don’t care about any of that stuff. What they want to know is are you worth talking to or is it going to be a conversation where they feel like they are going to be asked their friend to come over and save them.

They have to go to the bathroom or sneak away or something. So you need to do is build that intrigue, build that curiosity which is what attraction truly is and you want to make sure that curiosity is there and is very apparent to them.

If you skip that and you try to get into a deep conversation early on, what you’re doing is you don’t have that ramp of attraction that sort of peaks off with rapport. You want to ramp up the attraction.

Attraction is very simple it ramps up and drops quickly if you don’t build rapport afterwards.

So what you want to do is you want to ramp up an attraction by building banter, by using negative body language properly, by touching properly and there are a lot of other things that you could do.

That “Josh Pellicer “goes over in depth in his book, “Tao of Bad Ass System

So you want to ramp up the attraction as high as possible and right at the peak you want to cap it off and build rapport.

So when you start building rapport the attraction dies off. So what you want to do is stay in the space between being light hearted and fun until you get the proper signals that will show you it is time to build rapport.

What you need to know that women are typically attracted to men who women are attracted to already. So if you can show a woman that other women are attracted to you, you can get any women you want.

Which is really what Josh Pellicer’sTao System teaches you, It teaches you to show women that other women are attracted to you without saying that because if you say that out load a lot of women don’t believe it because… you can lie!

So what you going to do does flirt a lot, be very light hearted, be very childlike, very fun and playful.

And once you flip that switch and you can tell that she is 100% attracted to you now, you have that attraction, then go straight into rapport. Just with her, one on one.

And you can split or leave or turn away to the rest of your friends, or you can go to a new spot or talk to her in a new space and that should pretty much do it. Then from then on out, you build rapport, you keep touching during rapport.

So that’s the best way to get out of the friend zone, go out and try it..i know that it works.

I know that your gonna get blown away if you do. And if it doesn’t work go ahead and comment below this article and let me know what you think about it.

Finally i highly recommend “Tao of Bad Ass System“, it is incredible! This is probably one of the most valuable courses on how to attract women i would ever buy and as soon as your a fellow member you see why to.

I would give it a rating of four out of five stars.

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