How Dating Globally Made Me the Happiest Man on Earth

Justin – The following is a guest post from Sebastian Harris who runs a website called Global Seducer. Sebastian’s vision is to help men to overcome their fear of women, to teach them how to seduce women and to inspire them to date women from all over the globe. Okay, Take it away Sebastian!

How Dating Globally Made-Me-the Happiest Man on Earth

The decision to cross the border of my home country to start my never-ending quest to find the most beautiful women all over the world was the best decision I ever made.

I was born in a country that is known for its good beer and its efficient way of working but not for its beautiful women. Even though I had only one long-term girlfriend who was depressed the whole time and a few women who were curvier than Kim Kardashian, I was convinced that it can’t get any better.

I was so wrong. I still remember the day when a friend asked me to go to Poland for a weekend. I also remember that the decision to say “yes” changed my dating and sex life forever. From the moment I stepped out of the airport in Warsaw I became obsessed with finding the most amazing women that this world has to offer.

After traveling all over the world I still can’t get enough of having dating experiences in foreign countries. What I want to do now is to share my own experiences and thoughts with you in order to inspire you to get a passport, to book a flight and to have the time of your life.

A New Definition of Beauty

The first thing that I realized once I landed in Poland was how beautiful the women were. All of them had long hair and none of them went out of the house without the perfect styling and at least a touch of makeup.

Those women actually cared about how they look and they even admitted that they wanted to look beautiful for their men. In case you come from a country like Russia or Brazil you don’t understand me now but for me this was a whole new world.

My fascination for the beauty of women didn’t stop once I was out of Poland. All over Europe and even in South East Asia I saw women that were incredibly beautiful. I promise you that once you step over the border of your home country, you will see the world with different eyes.

Healthy Relationships

I have been in a long-term relationship with a girl from my home country and I also had a few short-term relationships but none of them were truly fulfilling. When I started to date foreign women I finally experienced what it means to date women that want to please you in every possible way.

Once I started to date women from countries like Russia, Hungary and Thailand my dating life changed completely. I have never experienced so much love, trust and passion in any relationship before.

All you have to do in order to experience the most amazing relationships you can think of is to ignore the naysayers and leave all the negative prejudices behind you. Who cares if you get judged for being together with a Thai girl when you are the happiest man on earth?

A Path of Self-Improvement

In case you have the slightest interest in improving yourself, starting to date women from all around the world is something that you have to do. By choosing this path you are forced to step out of your comfort zone every day.

In case you dream about finally overcoming your fears you should book a flight to a foreign country and you should book it now. By traveling the world you will lose your fear of the unknown and by talking to people during your trips you will automatically overcome social anxieties and become a more social person.

Dating foreign women, as amazing as it is, will also bring along a lot of challenges and learning opportunities. You have to study local dating customs, you have to overcome language barriers and you automatically learn a lot about the culture of the girls you are dating.

An Adventurous Lifestyle

You will see countless beautiful women all over the world, you have the chance to end up in fulfilling relationships and you will improve as a human being. If you think that those are already enough benefits of international dating, you forgot one important side effect.

Your life will be awesome!

I have never met a guy in my life who told me that his life is boring, after he seduced women from all over the world.  Once you made the decision to date globally your life will become one big adventure.

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