How Do You Determine If A Girl Likes You

how to determine if a girl likes you

The above question is one that is easily answered as there are “signs” that flash like a beacon. Let’s look at a few of the harbingers which answer the age old question of “How do you determine if a girl likes you”?

#1: Pay Attention To Her Body Language Body  –

Body language is the first thing that a man notices when he meets a girl for the first time. If she’s moving in a seductive/suggestive way then one can tell if a girl is likes you or not. If she continually touches your arm or other parts of your body – she’s interested.

You’ll also notice the way she stands or sits. In the case of standing she’ll probably keep her arms apart – not in front of her. This is a sign of confidence and that she “open” for conversation with you. She may also – and this is more than likely – stand close to you allowing you to observe the curve of her body. Her physical appearance is what she’s hoping you’ll like.

#2: The Way She Speaks –

Speech is another signal that she is interested in you. The lilt in her voice will be different from usual. In the case of Japanese women, the pitch of their voice actually goes higher sounding like a child. Japanese women do this to sound cute – Japanese boys love cute.

In the case of western women, however, sultry or happy sounding voices are usually what you will hear. You will also notice that when she asks questions, the lilt in her voice will indicate that she is interested in what you have to say.

Now whether she is really interested or pretending, you’ll never know not until you marry her, that is. Women are skilled at manipulating male egos with their words.

#3: Her choice of Fashion –

Fashion is yet another sign that she is interested in you. Women often dress in clothing they know will create a stir with men – remember the mini-skirt in the 1960’s? You know if a girl you know is attracted to you or if she is putting you in the friend zone. For example, if she knows that you like to see women wearing jeans, then you can be sure that is what she’ll be wearing the next time she meets you.

The same goes for make-up. Women who wear too much make up or cake their eyes with massacre often find that the men who are interested in them usually lose interest soon. On the other hand women that wear minimum make-up are, for the most part, genuine and not trying to hide anything from you.

#4: Gifts –

Gifts received from a girl is a definite sign she likes you. These gifts are usually not overly expensive but at the same time they’re not cheap either. In Japan, Japanese girls will knit a boy a sweater to let him know she’s interested. This present giving custom, for want of a better word, is done around the world – women are the same regardless of cultural differences.

In western countries, for example, women have been known to give watches, rings and other trinkets to a man they like. There are even cases where women have lent money to a man they like in order to help him with a business venture or perhaps to purchase something he really wants.

If you receive a gift from a woman, whether is it small or big, cheap or expensive it means she is interested in you and likes you.

The above examples are straightforward and no doubt, most men reading this article have experienced or are experiencing one or two. How do you know a girl likes you? Well, I think you’ll know when it happens and you can be sure at least one of the above will be an indication.

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