How to Avoid Running out of Things to Say to Women

how to avoid running out of things to talk about with womenFor most guys it can be a challenge to string a couple of words together and avoid running out of things to say to women. This is a situation that needs attending to if you want to be successful with women.

I will share with you how to almost never run out of things to talk about with women.

1. Always pay attention to what she is saying. When a woman is talking with you she is offering you all kinds of hints as to what she would like to talk about. Pay attention to the topic you are talking about so that she doesn’t lose interest.

2. The use of humor can help you to get over any unwanted strain in the conversation. Having a sense of humor makes it easy so that you don’t run out of things to say.

3. Learn how to flirt: Learn how to relax while flirting, when you are comfortable in your skin it will be much easier to flirt. Using this technique will help you get better responses from the woman you talk with.

4. When you’re chatting, change your voice tonality to match the enjoyment of the top you are talking about. Alter the inflections in your voice to match your enjoyment about the topic. This will produce an air of energy about you.

5. Be a positive, enjoyable and relaxed when chatting to this person. Bear in mind that she wants to chat with you or you wouldn’t have surpassed the initial approach. Making things enjoyable will help you understand ways to never run out of things to talk about with women since its natural and fun for everyone.

6. Be yourself. A woman who’s interested in chatting with you would like to know more about you. All you got to do is just be yourself and it will make things easy. You don’t need to act cool, just be charming and with a little sweet-talk and you’ll do just fine. Just be genuine.

7. Learn how to ask the right questions to help her express herself freely to you. Prepare a couple of questions beforehand that will help make it easy for them to open up to you. I’ll offer you a couple of to start with: “What she does in her free time?” What she looks for in a guy?, What’s your best memory of university? What’s the very best thing that has happened to you in 2013? What makes you laugh? What’s her favorite film and why?”

Asking these types of questions opens up her emotions and encourages her to share her experiences and feelings with you. You want to avoid asking questions that most guys ask like, “What do you do for a living”? “Do you come here often”? Ask interesting questions that are unique or they don’t hear often.

These questions and methods can help you understand ways to not run out of things to state when a speaking to women.

You always know what to say and most importantly know when the time is right to transition from talking to kissing and setting up a date with her. It’s up to you.

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