How To Create Sexual Tension With A Woman

how to create sexual tension with a woman

The biggest mistake men make at the bars, is they don’t realize how to create sexual tension with a woman, and that seduction comes later in the interaction. Seduction comes after some very crucial steps that have to happen.

It is a step by step process before trying to seduce the girl.

You don’t want to jump straight into the attraction phase, because you don’t really understand what it means to attract women.

They don’t understand how women operate, and that is why women think men are creepy.

So seduction can be used in a more powerful way so if you have a relationship, it’s that bond that keeps the man and women together.

If you are not in a relationship, it is probably the most manly tools at your disposal to turn women on.

So knowing how to seduce a woman whom you just met is a very very empowering thing to know.

So I am going to discuss what seduction is and how to do it with not too much effort upon your part.

So what is seduction? Seduction is not necessarily sexual.

What I mean by that is seduction is an overload of your emotional brain and a deadening of your logical brain.

Your brain has two major hemispheres. One controls emotion and controls logical.

The problem is they share resources. So if your logical at that moment then your emotional brain is deadened.

When you go into rapport, which is the second stage of the interaction you are heightening the emotional brain in a woman.

And what you are doing is your exciting the emotional brain much that their logical brain drops down.

And when that happens they begin to make emotional decisions.

There is a certain point when a woman’s emotional brain drops and when it gets to that point, they hit what’s called a red zone in response.

At this stage, they will automatically reject an entire situation, and they will leave you because they will be afraid they will make a bad decision at that moment.

So what you need to do is you need to keep her emotional state heightened, usually what that means, for example of sharing an emotional story.

You start to share her emotions and draw her emotions.

There is a full rapport formula that Josh Pellicer creator of the Tao Of Bad Ass, where he goes into great detail how to build greater sexual escalation with a woman if you want to. It’s just a flow chart on how to get through attraction and rapport.

So once you get through rapport, you can build a strong attachment to each other, then you are assured she has a heightened emotional brain.

Once you add sexuality into the seduction, she will feel that bond, and she won’t want to leave you.

When you start to see her getting turned on; sexually as in looking at your mouth and thinking about kissing you.

As soon as she starts doing that, you can say to her “it’s okay.”

She will ask, what you mean it’s okay and just tell her that she can kiss you, and you want to kiss her too.

That’s all there is to it. Slowly go in for the kiss, take your time with it.

As she gets closer, draw your head back a bit and smile. Then puller her in a bit closer and kiss her.

So that’s just a few seduction techniques you can use that work. So next time you’re out in a bar, give it a go and leave your comments below.

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