How to Eliminate the Fear of Approaching Beautiful Women

approaching beautiful women

There are many ways to learn how to eliminate the fear of approaching beautiful women and we all we all seem to struggle at this.

Do you doubt yourself so much about your ability to pick up women that you sabotage your efforts before you ever even approach one?

This happens to many men – and it’s one primary issue Joshua Pellicer covers in The Tao of Badass.

Josh says that while you’re worrying about your approach, women are worrying about their filters – making sure they keep the right guys out and let the right guys in. And he shows you how to become of the ones who gets easy access.

You might be afraid to attempt to meet the pretty girl at the party because in your mind, you’ve already pictured her shooting you down.

You’ve seen yourself duck back into a corner with your ego bruised and your confidence shaken.

Every guy worries about rejection.

Being afraid of rejection is normal, but giving in to it helps keep you from having the success you want with women.

You can eliminate the fear of approaching beautiful women by continuing to introduce yourself to women and never giving up – but doing it the same way that hasn’t ever worked is insane.

You want to use the methods taught in The Tao of Badass to help you navigate the mechanics of approaching women the right way – the way that combines your internal thoughts with external clues a woman gives off.

Your first time out to bat, you don’t knock the ball out of the park, you might not even connect the bat with the ball – but you’re in the game and you have to remember you can’t hit a home run sitting on the bench.

What is it that keeps some men so fearful of approaching a woman?

It’s the inward things they think about themselves. What you think about yourself is going to project itself outwardly in your demeanor, in your body language, in your speech and even in whether or not you actually try.

Josh helps you eliminate self doubt.Those negative thoughts hold you back like a gate with a huge Keep Out warning sign.

If you tell yourself that you’re not good enough, not talented enough, not smart enough, not handsome enough – then you’ve become a product of a negative reel.

This isn’t some quick fix stare in the mirror and repeat a positive mantra solution.

This is the stuff where you man up and push yourself out of your comfort zone for the future – break through every barrier you have between you and women.

If you’re not willing to get a little uncomfortable in a way that actually benefits you, then you can just keep soaking in your discomfort with women.

Which would you rather experience? Let The Tao of Badass help you with women by teaching you how to toss aside your fear of rejection forever.

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