How To Get a Girlfriend No Matter What You Look Like

How To Get A Girlfriend No Matter What You Look LikeToday I want to talk about how to get a girlfriend no matter what you look like. Firstly you don’t need to be overly good looking with a chiseled jaw line to get with the hottest girls.¬†Women are basically looking for a cute guy but they will not settle for a cute guy if they are already attracted to someone else.

They say women are attracted to tall guys because they make them feel safe and comfortable, I’m actually 6 foot one and weigh 290 pounds, I’m not your typical cute guy but I know I can attract women based on my confidence and the way I treat women.

Confidence is a Huge Turn On For Women

Probably the most important thing you need if you want to attract a woman and stand a chance of getting a date with her, is having “CONFIDENCE”. Women love confident men.

We have all seen hot girls hanging out in the bars with average to guys who look as ugly as sin but they radiate massive confident and women always dig that!

A lot of guys get really frustrated when they see girls they fancy hanging out with ugly guys and compare themselves with them based on looks alone.

You hear guys saying, “how did he pull her”? “He must be rich and she’s only after his money”. Sometimes this is true but always the case.

confidence is a huge turn onWomen are Attracted To Confidence

Confidence isn’t everything though because you will need to know how to seduce the girl and know how to charm her. No matter what she says afterwards, as long as you try. If she rejects you don’t worry about it, nothing matters, life goes on.

There are tons of more girls that you can approach and talk to. Every approach you make get’s easier. You need to put in the effort to get the girl you want. The more girls you talk to the better your chance of getting dates.

So why approach average looking women when you can approach and talk to the super pretty ones? I like a girl who has personality and I’d definitely choose an average looking girl over a super hot girl if she has a better personality.

Not All Hot Girls Are So Hot…

You want to find a girl who knows how to treat a guy, a girl who can introduce you to her parents and most importantly she should know how to have fun. I’ve met a lot of hot girls that were boring to talk to and not so much fun.

So that’s basically all you need to know is have confidence to approach a girl you really like and don’t let rejection stop you.

IF you don’t care what people think or don’t care what the outcome is you will definitely hook up with more girls in the long run. Have fun and I wish you the best of luck!

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