How To Get Girls Numbers


A lot of guys have been wondering how to get girls numbers whenever they meet them?

You’re talking to her, and things are going great but having a hard time getting “the close”.

The major problem most men make is they ask for the number, they make it sound like they are begging for it.

And so when they ask the women, “hey can I please have your number” she gets to decide whether or not is this guy safe, or if she gives him her number is he going to bother her forever? Is he going to call 10 times a day or even pretend that she’s his girlfriend?

It’s a big risk for her, so instead of making that risk for her, there is a way you can go about doing it and that shows that you are completely comfortable, and you are used to getting girl’s numbers.

Most guys make the mistake of saying, “hey do you mind if I get your number” and pulling it out and putting it in her hand. Instead of doing that, pull your phone out while you are talking to her. In a normal flirty, fun conversation.

Say, “look, I have to leave in a moment so I just want to get your number now.”

That assumes that you were going to get her number anyway, and you may be too busy and you have to leave, but you don’t want to leave until you get her number and be able to talk to her later.

And while you’re saying that, you’re handing her your phone.

What you’re saying to her is, “I may have to leave in a moment, so why don’t you go ahead and give me your number now.”

What you’re doing is, whenever you put your hand next to someone like this almost like you are handing them something, our natural psychology says to take that thing in their hands, just like you’re handing them anything like a pen, a chocolate, anything.

So when you hand them the phone, and they take it out of your hand, that’s when you go ahead and say put your number in my phone.

Then right after that you have to occupy yourself immediately, by doing something else.

Turn around, look the other way, fish into your pocket for something that doesn’t even exist, talk to someone else, it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t just stand there and stare at her.

So if you do something comfortable like that, where there is not a lot of pressure on her, put her number in and the key to getting a call back later is to talk to her for at least five minutes after you get the number.

Don’t try to close the conversation and walk off. So many guys screw this up, get the number and say cool; “we got that out of the way” Then put it in your pocket and say, “So anyway …” and continue the conversation.

You can try to build a little rapport with her that Joshua Pellicer talks about in The Tao of Bad Ass. Try to make a connection then she should be yours!

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