How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back from Another Guy

how to get your ex girlfriend back from another guy

Knowing how to get back your ex-girlfriend back from another guy can make things a little interesting but be prepared as it could lead even more heart pain, but there is a way to do it. A breakup is always hard. But what is even harder is when your ex-girlfriend moves on to a new guy. Now it may have been you that caused the relationship to end, but even then, a number of guys suddenly realize their love for their ex only after their ex has moved on.

Getting back your ex-girlfriend back from another guy isn’t impossible, there are some extreme spells you can use to pull them right back to you. The biggest mistake most men make with women is telling their ex how much they love them and miss them, and this just makes the ex-girlfriend feel in control or makes her not respect the guy any more.

If you are one of these guys misses their ex, but don’t know what to do, remember that it is very possible to get an ex back. She may just be dating a guy on a rebound or she may actually be into him, but all you need to do is remind her of the great times she had with you and make her miss you. For this, you will need to act a little street-smart and play a few games.

Now many people will probably tell you that you should be honest and outright. In a situation like this, it often doesn’t work. No one is asking you to lie, but you need to save you romantic speech for the end, after she has fallen back in love with you.

First of all, start working on yourself. Sitting around at home and feeling bad for yourself will get you nowhere. Start working out, a little bit of exercise will not only make you look fit but also make you feel great. And if you look great, your ex will feel really bad the next time she sees you and she’ll think of what she’s missing out on.

Girls often react to not being given attention. So start to ignore her. If you bump into her somewhere, act distant and keep the conversation short. Do not try to suck up to her. Instead, ask a few casual questions and then move on to talking to others. This will make her wonder if you have moved on and get her curious about you.

get your ex back bookGetting Another Girlfriend

Another thing that usually works is playing the same game that she is. Get another girlfriend. Be a little careful with this step since it will involve someone else’s feelings so make sure that you let the person know that you are not looking for something serious, so that they don’t get hurt later.

However, when your arm is around a new girl, it will definitely make your ex a little jealous and very curious to know everything about your new relationship. Also try to get a girl who is hot so that you’re ex gets a complex about it. Just make sure you don’t miss out on another opportunity to ask a girl out.

First Step to get your ex girlfriend back from another guy

The most important thing to remember is that you and your ex shared a very intimate relationship. It takes a long time to build a relationship and she will not have the same connection with her new guy that she did with you.

Having said this, the first few months are usually the most exciting for a couple so at this time, she probably won’t be interested in coming back to you.

You need to let her get over the honeymoon period with her new guy and start to see the flaws in him. When she does this, she will automatically compare him to you and miss you. This is the time when you need to start working on how to get your ex back since she will now be open to leaving the new guy.

While you are trying to win her back, you should ensure that you play it cool but you don’t get mean.

Hurting others in the process can become very nasty and long drawn-out affairs can be messy and it could make your ex-girlfriend lose respect for you. Focus on getting her back without being a guy who breaks up other people’s relationships by playing dirty.


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