How To Make A Woman You Date Feel Really Special

How To Make The Woman You Date Feel Really Special

Ever wonder why women will ask you if you are dating someone else?

Well the reason why they ask this is because she wants to know how you really think about her and how attracted to her are you.

Women don’t want to feel like they are just another average chic.

They all want to feel special.

A  lot of guys use compliments to try to get a phone number so they try to dance around a subject that is not really an authentic compliment from the heart.

It’s more of an manipulation tactic and most women can see right through it.

The most effective way to compliment a woman has to come straight from the heart if you want to make her feel special.

One of the things that is important to understand about making a women feel special is if you are already dating other people and you start hooking up with her and she eventually asks you if you are hooking up with other girls or sleeping with them.

This can be a really touchy subject to talk about.

Because if you give a girl the impression that she is not really that special, and you are sleeping with other girls, you can come off as treating her like she is just another notch on your bedpost.

You might just think you are being cocky or funny about it but if she doesn’t call you back a few days later, then you will know you have pushed it a bit too far.

The truth is women will find you more attractive if you have lots of girls who want to go out with you.

A woman would love to be with a man who makes her feel really special and loved. Pay close attention to a woman’s wants and desires.

When a woman asks you if you are dating or sleeping with other girls it’s always best to answer it in a humorous charming way and try to change the subject as fast as you can.

Be mysterious about it but have fun while your doing it because if you have a serious look on your face it always ends bad.

How do I know this because I have been through it myself.

Just remember if you give a girl the impression that she is just another girl you wanted to have sex with, it’s possible she won’t want to see you again.

Maybe the girl you like is looking for a relationship, so treat her with respect, even if after you have sex with her. So threat them right and you will won’t have a problem with how to get a girlfriend no matter what you look like.

Here’s how to make her think she means more to you than any other girl you have dated…

If for any reason a girls asks you if you have been dating other girls you could answer with something like, “I have being dating other women but no one has knocked my socks off the way you have baby”.

You could tell her that you have having a lot of fun with her and always look forward to seeing her.

A woman wants to feel special

Those are the kind of things you need to tell her, whether by text or face to face.

So what you are basically telling her with that statement is that she is more special to you than all of the rest of the girls you have met.

So this will make her feel like you are looking at her like she is the best girl you have ever met out of all the other women.

At the end of the day, if it doesn’t work out for you, she knows that you can easily go out with other girls.

What you have done is re-assured her that you care more about her and made her feel more special than anybody else you dated before.

She will then be thinking she wants you all to herself and she will treat you so well that you will not want to date other girls again. Because that’s why she is bringing these statements up in the first place.

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