How Do You Muster Up The Courage To Talk To Women?

courage to talk to a womenA guy once asked me a question about how to muster up the courage to talk to women.

He asked me, If I see somebody looking at you or smiling at you how do you make the next move?

Well the fact that she is smiling at you in the first place says a lot that she is already interested in you and and likes the way you look. So congratulations for that. All you got to do next is get the courage to approach her.

Yes you might have all of those negative voices going on in your head, but so what. It’s normal. All you have to do is get your butt over there.

Your brain will always make up excuses not to approach but it’s all about your courage and your confidence and it goes along way and definitely helps your game.

Indicators of Interest

So when you see a girl smiling at you don’t hesitate, just walk over to her, smile and say “Hi. Most guys think that they have to come up with something witty to say, that’s not true and every girl is different. Just keep it simple and let things flow naturally.

If she is already interested she will make an effort to talk to you to. You will know within the first 2-3 minutes if this girl is the right person for you and if not move on. Girls like to be approached by guys, and the only reason why a lot of guys don’t approach is because they have already had bad experiences from the past. So what if you had a bad experience. Practice makes perfect.

There is no need to get nervous because she has already shown interest in you. When you think about it, she’s already made the first move. The last thing you want to do is go home and regret not talking to her. Good luck!

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