How To Never Miss Another Opportunity To Ask A Girl Out

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How To Handle Rejection With Confidence

In this article I will help you how to never miss another opportunity to ask a girl out. But the reality is we all get rejected at some point in our lives, but we make it out to be a big deal. If you have feelings for a certain girl, don’t hide them – TELL HER!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing your feelings for a girl you like.

Believe it or not, if you are straight up with telling her how you feel there is a good chance she will respect and admire you for it, even if she is not attracted to you.

Think about it for a minute. The average guy will walk up to a girl, drunk or sober and say all the wrong things because he’s not being straight up and honest with what he really likes about her.

Most guys will say things such as, “Hi, you look hot”, or “Hey Sexy, how are you”? This kind of approach is bound to get you rejected but wouldn’t your rather get reject by telling her what you really think of her.

I’m talking about being specific here. Ask yourself truthfully, when you see a girl you like, “what’s the first thing that pops into your head”? Do you like like dress and show she wears it? Do you like the smell of her perfume or perhaps how she carries herself in a confident way?

Never Miss Another Opportunity To Ask A Girl Out Again

There is always a reason why a guy has a crush on a girl but they let it pass them by without noticing exactly what it is they like about her. So find out what you like about her and tell her.

It doesn’t matter if you are already in conversation or you saw her in a bar, let her know and if she isn’t’ interested in your, then here are the 10 worst things that can happen.

The worst that could happen for you to express your feelings is rejection. Although the superficial girls will reject you to make themselves feel better so nothing to really worry about is there?

She might tell you she has a boyfriend, and maybe she does. You really have no clue what her current situation is and why she turned you down. You might already be wondering if a girl likes you or not but you never had the guts to find out for sure.

Express Interest In A Girl You Like

I remember when I was younger I had this crazy crush on this girl and I would always get mixed signals whether or not she was attracted to me. She always stop me in the corridor and give me a big hug and playfully kiss me on the cheek.

I always got on really well with her and later wanted her to be my girlfriend but was afraid she wouldn’t have the same feelings as I did.

Fast forward 2-3 years later, I met her at a night club and that night she asked me why I never asked her out and that she always fantasied me.

Still to this day, I regret that I didn’t put all my cards on the table and admit that I always liked her too. Lesson learned!

Since then I’ve never missed another opportunity to ask a girl out and it has even led me to getting a lot more dates.

Express interest in a girl

So guys, Don’t be afraid of expressing your interest in a girl you like because you will later regret that you didn’t tell her what you like about. Just remind yourself that you’re on the same level as she is or above her. She has weaknesses also.

Be confident in yourself. Girls like confident guys who know what they want. If you are confident and you know how to make her a girl feel really special you will never have any problem getting a girlfriend. So if you like a girl tell her and even flirt with her so she knows you like her.

If your the shy type there are several ways to let her know you like her, for example, smile and make eye contact with her and say something like along the lines of, “hey, (Her name), I’ve always taught you were an cool girl, let’s go for coffee during the week”?

That’s all you gotta do, you don’t have to act cool or try to impress her in anyway. If she says no, then say, “okay cool”, smile and then walk away.

Make it a habit of asking enough girls out without hiding your intentions and you will get more dates and sex than the average guy. Best of luck!

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