How To Quit Being Nervous Around Attractive Women

Quit Being Nervous Around WomenOkay so you have a serious problem that you are nervous around women and you want to find a way to overcome feeling.

How to quit being so nervous around women, especially the kind of women that you find attractive.

Well don’t feel so bad about it, it’s quite common especially with shy guys to become nervous around women.

The best way to overcome being nervous around women is to put yourself in an environment where your around lots of women. You don’t necessarily need to be attracted to these women , they can be simple average looking.

2 things you can do to help you from feeling nervous around attractive women

Meet Girls on

For starters you can join a volunteer group where there are lots of women where you don’t need to feel threatened. You can even sign up for an event on is an online social network that facilitates offline group meetings of various localities  in almost every city around the world, including your own. I suggest you visit the website and join one of the groups where there will be a lot of women attending. This is also a great way to make new friends. I have gone to a ton of these meetups and it’s really a good experience to learn something new.

meet girls on

Surround Yourself With Women In Social Situations

So get out there and meet as many women as possible, so you can overcome any anxiety you might have, don’t worry it will soon go away and some of these women will become friends and some will possibly lead to dates. The things is,when you get out and about and your around women that you are attracted to, your not going to feel nervous anymore because it’s normal to you.

So the key is to get yourself in an environment where there are lots of women So put yourself in this position on a regular basis because what you will notice in time is you will become more and more comfortable with them. Give it a try, you got nothing to lose.

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