How To Seduce Your Ex Girlfriends Friends

how to seduce your ex's friends

How To Seduce Your EX Girlfriends Friends

A lot of guys assume that their relationship isn’t going to last long.

Their girlfriend may get jealous and paranoid and they feel they don’t have the skills to deal with this.

For example, if they are holding hands, and a hot girls walks by and he checks her out, his girlfriend goes crazy and it takes hours for her to calm down and stop complaining.

Deep inside he knows the relationship isn’t going to last too long as the attraction is fading.

So what should he do about it? How should he prepare for the rejection that is coming down the line?

The first thing you should do is to meet her friends.

Women usually have an extensive social circle and some of her friends are likely be attractive.

You already have social proof with these girls as you are in a relationship with their friend so they will be open and relaxed talking with you. It will be easy to build up attraction form there.

An important thing you need to bear in mind is to never cheat while you are still with your girlfriend.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful her drunken buddy is, good guys do not cheat.

If your current girlfriend finds out you’re fooling about with other women, word will quickly get around.

It’s not worth the fallout. However, you can pave the way forward for the post-break-up encounters with other girls.

Keep in mind that you are presently unavailable – so stay that way.

Don’t dare hit on a girl’s best friend or anything like that.

Your goal is to avoid trying to have sex with her friends; it’s to get them to like you enough so if a breakup does happen, you might stand a chance with either of them in the future

Ironically, a good way to get a girlfriend’s friend’s thinking about you is to show an interest in your girlfriend If you know how to treat your girlfriend like a princess, her friends will view you as a good catch.

Making a big deal out of your girlfriends birthday, is a good way of showing that you actually care about her, you could even ask her friends for advice on what they buy her or where to take her.

They will be impressed by this.

Create a genuine connection

Create a genuine connection with her friends. Learn each of their names and little details about them, such as what they do for work, hobbies, pastimes, etc.

When one of them speaks to you, ensure that you pay close attention to what they say. Make eye contact, smile and make note what exactly they’re telling you. Establish a close connection with her friends, and when you do eventually break up with your ex, you will at least have options open to you.

Show an interest in how the girls are feeling when you’re around them, if one of them looks or appears down, ask if she’s all right.

If she wants to chat, turn towards her and let her tell you why she’s feeling down.

This will guarantee that she and her friends see you are a caring person, and after all, what girl doesn’t find a caring man attractive?”

If you do break up with your girlfriend, try to keep things civil. If you end up breaking up because of an argument, her friends will feel that they need to take her side

Just because there is a breakup, it does not mean that you will no longer see her other group of friends.

Play your cards right and at the end of the relationship, it might very well be the beginning of something new.

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