Improve Your Dating Life – Stop Overthinking

stop overthinking
Many people hesitate to make a move or act the way they want to the person who the are romantically attracted to because they are too concerned as to what the other person will think of them about their behavior or their particular action. They tend to over-think their actions too much as to how the other person will perceive them.

This is a mistake. You should think on your own behalf and let the other person think on their behalf. Don’t worry what the other person is thinking about, only worry about your own thoughts and focus on your own actions.

So if your a guy and your entering a room, whether it’s at a bar or restaurant, and there is an available seat next to an attractive women, go ahead an sit on it. Don’t worry if she thinks your only sitting next to her because your attracted to her.

She might get up and walk away, who cares. Just sit there anyway. If your intention is to sit there and chat her up, so what? There is nothing wrong with that. Remember make no excuses for your desire for a women.

Let’s say you are a women and you met a great guy and you’d really like to talk to him today but for some reason he is not phoning you up, call him yourself. What’s the big deal? Don’t worry about him thinking if your needy or desperate. If that’s the case, if one phone call is what’s going to create a perception and is going to make it or break it when it comes to your dating situation with a guy then that situation is probably not worth while anyway.

So stop worrying about other people’s thoughts and focus on what you want. As selfish as it sounds, you would be much better off.

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