Masculine Traits That Women Look For In A Guy

be the kind of guy women want

If you want to be a more attractive guy that women want then it’s time to make some solid changes in yourself so that you can become a much better guy, emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.

Not only will it make you more attractive to women but it will allow you to feel confident and happy whether you are single or not.

Do not ignore these areas and hope that your life will turn out great for you. Life doesn’t work that way. So it’s in your best interest to improve your life in each of these areas. If you’re taking care of yourself, you can’t lose.

In spite of the myth that women want to change men when they get into a relationship, most women want a man who already has his life together. Are you strong, dependable, and have plans for your future?

If not, then the women you attract aren’t likely to have their lives together either. And trying to have a relationship in the middle of two chaotic lives is only going to make the relationship a mess, too.

When a woman looks at you, what will she see? If she sees a slob, a jerk, or a financial train wreck, she isn’t going to want to date you. She has enough of her own problems without having to bail you out of yours. You’re a grown man. It’s your responsibility to get your life under control.

Here are four ways to improve your masculine traits:

Physically: Go to your doctor for regular checkups. Break bad habits that you know are unhealthy, such as smoking, excessive drinking, and poor eating habits. Eat foods that are good for you and get plenty of exercise.

Mentally: Don’t be one of those people who believes and defends rumors he’s only heard. Go investigate and decide for yourself what the truth before you form an opinion. This not only makes you more intelligent, but it also saves you from looking silly later. Take some college courses that interest you, and take up a few new hobbies or sports.

Emotionally: Don’t stuff your emotions down and pretend they don’t exist – that isn’t healthy. Instead, deal with things that bother you. If you’ve been hurt in the past and you’re still holding on to that, let it go and forgive. Forgiveness isn’t trying to pretend something never happened, and it isn’t something you do for someone else. It’s making a decision to not let the hurt continue to eat away at you.

Financially: Create a budget to live on, and make room on it for paying off debts, for living expenses and bills, for spending, and for your savings. You should have saved for big purchases you will want to make in the future, for emergencies, and for retirement. The point of having a budget isn’t to keep you from buying what you want, but to keep you on track so that you always have enough money.

If you look at this list and decide that you have everything taken care of, congratulations! You are officially in pretty good shape. But, the areas on this list are like a relationship. They all need care and attention if they’re going to stay healthy.

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