One Surefire Way To Conquer Approach Anxiety

One Sure Fire Way To Conquer Approach Anxeity

One of the best ways to succeed in the dating game is to speak your mind.

If you want to know how to seduce the woman of your dreams you have got to be confident in yourself.

One sure fire way to conquer approach anxiety that will get you great results with women with just a little practice.

You will find by using this technique it will ultimately increase your level of confidence.

We all have different beliefs that shape how we see things in life, our background, expectations and the fears and insecurities we have.

If you believe that any guy can seduce any girl using a set of memorized routines and pickup lines, you’re insane.

The guys that are more successful with women believe in order to find the girl that is right for you; you need to talk to at least 10 girls in one night.

Let’s face it, it’s a numbers game and you will fail plenty of times before you find the girl that likes you more.

This is where this special technique will work in your favor.

All you need to do is approach a girl, introduce yourself, get her name and ask her what she does.

You have to pay attention to what she is saying.

From this point you will know whether she is interested in talking with you. If so ask her what she is doing later.

If she’s not sure or says she’s just hanging out with friends then cut to the chase and invite her back to your place.

It doesn’t matter if she says no, every woman is different and the fact that you asked her she will find you different from all the other guys who aren’t confident enough to invite a girl back to their place.

So you went from been a complete stranger to blatantly asking to come back to your place for sex

The purpose of this exercise is to get rejected, not to have a one night stand. Of course, if she agrees well then go for it. But it’s unlikely almost any girl will say no.

What better way to overcome your fear is by talking to as many women as possible. This will help you to build up your confidence and experience, by throwing yourself in the deep end and setting yourself up for rejection since you are not looking for an outcome.

Some of you might think this is ridiculous but if you are honest about your intentions and you do want to take a girl home and have sex with her, well invite her using this technique.

You might be surprised that if you do it often enough you will get laid more than the average good looking stud you see at the bar.

You will notice that with each encounter, you will feel more and more comfortable and each approach you do will become easier.

If you practice this exercise enough times, a few or more women will say yes.

But remember the purpose of this exercise is to get comfortable approaching women and letting them know what you want from them.

The majority of guys would be terrified that the girl would throw a drink in their face but let’s face it, there is a good chance they will never see you again unless you go to the same place often.

If you can just have fun with it and have a smile on your face and don’t react rudely if she walks away or calls you a freak. Always be polite when you talk to them.

IF you do this at least ten times when you’re at a bar or club, your confidence will go through the roof and you will be approaching and chatting with women all night.

I’m not saying to do it when approaching every girl, but it’s a great way to get you in a social mood for when you do want to approach a girl your interested in.

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