3 Simple Steps To Approach Women Anytime, Anywhere

approach women anytime anywhereIf you are the kind of guy who has problems with approaching or attracting women, and it’s a big issue for you then you need to make a commitment to go out there and begin approaching women.

This is the only way to overcome your fear and get better results if you want to be successful in the dating world.

The reasons why guys give up and don’t bother making an effort to meet women is because deep down they believe, learning to approach women would be more painful than just sitting back in your comfort zone and not trying to do anything about it, right?

So do you want to be the kind of guy that sits at home watching TV or playing computer games? If so you will never really have the confidence within yourself, nor the choice to choose the type of women that you want to be with.

Until you make that choice to spend more times in the social world and begin stepping out of your comfort zone, you will never know what it feels like to have the experience of dating the women you want.

So as I said, the first thing you need to do is make a commitment to changing your current situation of what Is obviously not getting you girls.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps To Approach Women Anytime, Anywhere

1. Hang out with the players

Hang out with guys who are already getting success with women. Why waste your time mixing with guys who go out and only stare at women instead of approach them?

If you continue to mix with guys like this woman will automatically put you in the same category as your friends. You don’t want that, so make some new friends or encourage your mates to approach and talk to women. This can be alot of fun also.

2. Change your believes about women

The next step is to change some of your beliefs about women. A lot of guys go around saying, “women are bitches”, “women are good for one thing”, “women are cock teasers”, etc.

Hating women might make you feel better in the short term because you don’t know how to handle them but in the long term it’s not going to get you the outcome that you want which is to have the ability to attract and get a date with them.

3. Take action even if it means taking baby steps

IF it all seems like too much for you, not to worry you can start by chatting to the lady at your local store. All it takes is a little small talk, just say hello, “how’s your day going”?

Do this often and you will find yourself in conversation with more women. So one you overcome the little fears, that helps you over come the bigger fears at a later stage.

Before you know it, things that you believed your couldn’t do in the past are things that will become second nature and become part of you and this will definitely help you approach women and improve your game and ultimately build the confidence you always wanted.

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