Taking A Conversation Beyond Hello

taking the conversation beyond hello

Taking the conversation beyond hello can be hard at the beginning of meeting a women.

You have given her a genuine compliment. Just how do you get past the friendly introduction and onto topics that might lead to a date or at least make a new friend?

After you say hi to a girl the key to get the conversation started is to get her talking.

Use open ended questions beginning with the words, What, Who, Why, When and Where. Plus, there’s an H – How.

Start by asking her questions – not as if you’re grilling her, but in a sincerely interested and casual way.

Everyone likes attention of being asked about themselves, their life and their interests.

When done correctly, one question will lead to another and then another and then a full-fledged conversation develops.

You can start out with the five Ws (and one H). Here are some examples of how to use them:

Who: At a wedding, you might ask a woman, “Whose side are you sitting on? How do you know him/her?”

What: “Hi, what breed is your puppy? Are you finding her to be pretty calm at home?”

When: When did you go to China? What did you find most interesting about your visit there?

Where: Where would you like to go on holiday this year, have you any plans?

Why: Why did you choose to join this class?

How: Can you show me how to insert an image into Microsoft Word? This gives you a chance to talk to her while she’s showing you what to do.

It’s best to form questions so that they can’t be answered with a yes or a no or a short few words, or at least come up with question that will lead to more talk.

When you form a question that requires a more involved answer, you’re going to have a much better chance of starting a real conversation.

The way to keep the conversation going after the initial introduction of saying hello is to get past the almost inevitable silence that follows.

After you introduce yourself you can easily follow up with a compliment or a question (“I loved your speech on the benefits of food and fitness. Where did you learn about that?”).

Or, you can follow the introduction with a simple question that will hopefully start a conversation (“When did you join the book club?”).

However you choose to do it, You will get even better responses if you are her about her hobbies and interests, and then show a sincere interest in her answers. A conversation will develop naturally after that.

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