Tao of Badass: The Ultimate Guide For Picking Up Hot Girls

If you’re wondering how players always get women crawling all over them while you struggle to get past the first conversation, you definitely need to learn to be a ‘badass’.

Tao of Badass - The Ultimate Guide to Picking Up Girls

I know how frustrating it is to always leave your hopes of getting laid to chance, only to suffer rejection after rejection. It is time you took control of your life and have the power to seduce any woman you want.

It is time to move a step further than your ordinary pick up tricks and become the real ladies’ man.

This is what Josh Pellicer’s famous pick up artist’s guide, The Tao of Badass is really all about. It is a 150-page eBook that comes along with a full audio version, for those who are too lazy to read lots of text. You also get exclusive access to the elite members’ area, advanced video training and other audio and video guides.

What’s Inside Tao Of Badass

As you may have already noticed, The Tao of Badass is actually a course. Unlike other dating guides that simply suggest theoretical ways of picking up girls, this course takes a much broader approach. It is premised upon understanding the female psyche and using that knowledge to create successful relationships. Josh teaches the principle of pre-selection, and singles it out as the one responsible for making you the guy that every woman wants.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how:

– to turn any conversation with a woman into one that’s fun and exciting
– to approach hot girls confidently and start feeling confident and comfortable around women
– to avoid getting friend-zoned, thus killing your chances of getting into a deeper relationship
– to avoid being cheated and get past the dating phase of your relationships
– to read and understand women’s body language and know when a girl wants you

You will learn how to become a natural with the tao of badass and use it to dispel negative beliefs about yourself. The result is a man who is oozing with confident, knows what girls like and always steps up to give it to them.


– The course comes in two forms; a PDF eBook and an audio books for your convenience
– Rather than being just a bunch of theories, it is based on years of practical research by Pellicer himself
– It goes way beyond teaching guys how to be ‘players’. It teaches how to manage successful relationships.
– It teaches you to become self-confident and able to speak confidently despite your looks or financial status.
– The course is great value for money. It includes valuable bonuses in addition to the PDF and audio books.
– One-on-one coaching available as part of the course.
– The Elite Members’ Area provides community support during the course.
– Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee


– Not available in hard copy books. Reading 150 pages of text on a glaring screen isn’t such a fun thing to do. But then, there is the alternative of listening to the audio.
– Though widely successful, the methods may not work with all women.

Does The Tao of Badass Live Up To The Hype?

If you are just starting out in the game and have problems talking with women, or if you are particularly intimidated by hot girls and think they are way out of your league; you will certainly benefit from this course. It helps you shed some of the self-destructive beliefs that make you think that you must have a certain look, or have a certain amount of money to spend so you can get noticed by the girls you want.

It comes in both text and audio versions for convenience; with supporting video walk-throughs that emphasize specific areas. If you happen to have questions, you don’t only have access to the author’s tips and advice; but also a whole community full of other ‘badasses’ to help you out. This, plus a generous list of valuable bonuses make this a full course that transforms you into the confident guy who always gets the girl.

The Tao System is certainly way above the bar, if you compare it with other dating guides. It is well worth investing in.

My Final Verdict

This is a great program that will definitely help you successfully seduce women. If you think you need to be a ‘badass’, then learn to be just that from Tao of Badass.

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