The Best Way To Approach Women At The Gym

how to approach women at the gymGyms are notoriously hard to approach and meet women. And that’s for several reasons. Women are generally hard to approach and don’t look very friendly. There are many reasons for this.

They don’t feel very attractive when they are working out and wearing their best clothes.

Although a lot of guys would prefer to see them at their best rather than working out and sweating. Women do not feel very attractive in the gym and that’s what counts most.

Also some women feel uncomfortable with guys who are too into themselves and checking out their muscles in the mirror.

So next time you in a gym, don’t think for a second women are going to stop what they are doing to see you pumping your muscles. Women can only get freaked out by this.

It’s not easy to come up with what to say to a girl at the gym. Most things that guys do say are ridiculously cheesy and cliche.

Some will use pick up lines and wonder why the girl will look at them strangely or completely ignore them. Don’t get discouraged though, it’s not impossible to meet a girl at the gym. And meeting women at the gym is a great way to overcome approach anxiety.

It can be a very exciting experience to get in a conversation with a girl at the gym if you know what you are doing.

What is the best way to approach women at the Gym

There is no best way to approach women at the gym. There are actually a few different variations to talking to a girl at the gym without looking creepy and using the same opening line depending on what she’s doing.

Okay, let’s say your working out and there is a women right next to you on a particular machine, and you see that she is working out pretty intense.

At some point during her workout she takes a break for a second you could say something like, “hey, I noticed you have been working really hard, where do you get all of the energy from”?

Approach Naturally and Show Genuine Curiosity

If you say this in a very casual and natural manner you will get a good response from her. Show you natural curiously. It’s that simple. You do the same if a woman is running on the treadmill and you on the one next to her.

When she is about to get off and gets her breath back you could say, “Wow, you have been running really hard, are you training for a marathon or something?” There you have it, if you show natural curiosity there’s a good chance she will talk to you. Good luck!

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