The Direct Relationship Between Body Language And Confidence

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The relationship between Body language and confidence is  topic worth explaining. With women, body language and confidence is very  important – not just in how you project your body to her, but in how you’re able to read her own body language and the signals she’s giving you.

You have probably heard that nonverbal communication is a 60 % body language, 20% verbal and 20% your vocal tonality.

Most of the time when we talk to women, we are not aware of our body language.

One of the important ways of finding ways to attract women is learning how to read her body language.

Whenever you speak to a woman, she’s unconsciously throwing off silent clues and it’s entirely your decision to pick up on those and know how to take the interaction to the next level.

It’s not uncommon that women use their body language to show signs that they are attracted to a guy or not. It’s simple to tell whether she is angry based on her body language alone.

Pay particular attention to her eyes and lips when you speak to her. Watch how she reacts emotionally to you.

Joshua Pellicer, author of the Tao System (The Tao of Bad Ass) introduces you to an entire system of reading her body language – so that you can instantly tell which of you is dominant,

Improved Body Language and Confidence

You will be studying tops that teach, “Body Language such as eye contact, the way she speaks, the way she operates when she’s out with her friends.

After the course you will have so much more insight into the thoughts that are going on inside her mind and you will feel more confident to provide what she wants to hear and see from you to make a strong connection,

Pay close attention to when women put up a barrier through their body language. It usually means she is not receptive to the conversation yet. An example would be when she crosses her arms across her chest.

This is a signal that she is not interested, so back off a little.

Body language will often say what she won’t verbally express. Always remember as you learn to read her body language, she can read yours also.

A woman reads a man’s body language through the way he crowds her – or doesn’t – and how he presents himself whether he is walking, sitting or standing.

The Tao System (The Tao of Bad Ass) teaches you in great details how to read a woman’s body language.

If you can become more aware of how to project your body language you will know how to present yourself in an attractive way around women.

And that’s what Josh is covered in this guide as well as how to move in a way that commands the attention and respect you need as a man.

Don’t assume you know anything about body language – for example if she starts to flirt out of nowhere, it may be to get attention from another guy in the bar.

So don’t buy into her behavior just yet.

Josh Pellicer covers these cues in specific details not many guys know about – The methods will blow your mind when you begin to see women

It will blow your mind when you know how to utilize your body language to attract women easily and confidently

I have written my own personal review on the Tao System (Tao of Bad Ass). Your can read it in full HERE

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