The Secret To Control Approach Anxiety

Reframing Approach Anxiety

In this article I will reveal the secret to control approach anxiety so that It doesn’t prevent you from talking to the next hot girl you see at the club.

One of the top things most guys make, that I see all of the time is guys who are still having problems approaching women and guys who are good at approaching women still end up making this little thing inside their heads that prevent them from taking any kind of action.

It’s normal to feel anxiety when it comes to approaching a hot girl. Approach Anxiety feels pretty intense and it will stop you from doing things because the inside chatter in your brain will make up tons of crazy excuses why you cannot do that one thing.

The good news is the anxiety will never go away. Why is that good news you asking? Because it’s easier to accept, when you accept the fact that when you see a beautiful woman you would like to meet and all of a sudden your entire body begins to vibrate with anxiety and your brain starts asking questions like, “what will I say”? What if she has a boyfriend”?

Not to worry though, it’s a good thing because your body is letting you know that this is the kind of women for you.

There is no real way of overcoming anxiety completely, but there are ways of minimizing it just by accepting it by telling yourself things like, “yes I have anxiety and it’s a good thing”, my body is vibrating because that’s what I want.

A great speaker once said, everything that is in your life is in your comfort zone, anything that is not your life is outside of your comfort zone

Whenever that anxiety kicks in, it’s just telling you that something is out of your comfort zone and the more you learn to manage and accept the feeling, you will begin to attract hot girls much easier.

When you begin to get a hold of this anxiety, you will realize that you can do whatever you want that won’t hold you back. This will also improve other areas of your life such as career when you want to get a raise or even public speaking. In the end it’s all about taking risks.


All you got to do is accept and realize the anxiety is going to be there for the rest of your life whenever you are travelling outside of your comfort zone and just taking action.

Even if you don’t get the results you want, you will be proud of yourself for just making a huge effort and pushing through your comfort zone because you never know what’s on the other side of the door.

I’t s a great feeling when you know whenever that anxiety shows up, you can handle it. When you accept your anxiety, your owning it’s fear and when you find yourself in a situation where that anxiety kicks in, you immediately say to yourself, “here it is again”and take immediate action.

Once you understand the secret to control approach anxiety you will begin to have more options with women than the average guy has.

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