The Tao System Book Review – Read This Before You Buy

tao system review

Do you find yourself struggling to meet and chat with women in clubs and bars or even in a public area?

Have you allowed your ideal woman walk into your life and then watch her walk directly back out of your life because you didn’t try to talk to her?

Are you practically aching to ask that girl out yet you simply have no idea the best ways to man up and simply go through with it?

Well not to worry guys, since you’re no the only one and there is plenty of support offered to you.

The Tao System book just might be precisely what you’ve been searching for. The Word “Tao” implies “method” in Chinese and after you finish reading my review of the system you will know why Josh Pellicer uses this specific word.

Joshua Pellicer is the man behind the Tao System book and unlike other dating coaches or pickup artists Josh actually practices what he preaches.

So who is Joshua Pellicer and how did he become a dating coach?

Josh Pellicer grew up in St. Augustine in Florida and originated from very humble beginnings that began with his very early years spent in a trailer park.

Josh had a series of dead-end jobs and relationships that left him searching for answers to his problems.

It was just when he realized the fundamentals of psychology and body language that he began to create his very own system of having the ability to attract and seduce any type of women he met.

The Tao System is the pinnacle of years of research into the nature of human relationships.

What is Included in The Complete Tao System?

The Tao System is perhaps one of the best dating and seduction guides on the internet today.

There is quite a lot of talk about it in the dating community.

It is not just of the most popular yet the most complete program also. You get a 152 page ebook containing every vital detail required throughout each chapter.

  • Reading Body Language
  • Gender Roles
  • Confidence
  • Creating Love
  • The System
  • Tests
  • The Biggest Mistake You Make
  • The Approach


However you also get complete access to the private members area where you can get involved with other members in the community and learn from each other and share tips and suggestions to help your success with women.

The other neat thing The Tao System book is that it will not aid you to improve your interactions with women you want to date but it yet you’ll discover that all your relationships will improve as a result of learning and absorbing everything Josh Pellicer shares with you.

This System also includes bonuses:

  • How To Never get cheated on
  • How to date multiple women at the same time
  • Escaping the friend zone
  • Guide to breaking up – how doing it amicably and without creating stalkers
  • Video Training Classes
  • MP3’s

So To Recap:

If your goal is to become more confident, A Bad Ass with women, well then the Tao System is the only dating guide you will need (Thanks to Joshua Pellicer himself).


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