Top Alpha Male Characteristics and Traits

top alpha male characteristics and traits

There is more to the alpha male than what meets the eye. No, an alpha is not that loud, obnoxious, beer-chugging, bro that you usually found in frat parties.

Nor is he that sleazy dude with cheesy pick-up lines that a lot of women seem to shy away from. He is subdued, yet cool.

He does not draw attention to himself, but when he speaks, the whole room listens with rapt eyes. So what attracts women to men?

Listed below are common alpha male characteristics that attract women


Dominant alpha

An alpha is not aggressive, he is dominant. These two traits are often mistaken with the other, yet they are vastly dissimilar. You don’t have to be aggressive to assert dominance.

You don’t have to be a bully, push people around or anything.

To be dominant is to exude confidence.

The alpha male is not afraid to speak his mind, nor do what he thinks is right. He stands firm on his convictions


classy guy

An uncultured grunt, the alpha male is not. There’s a reason why James Bond is highly popular with the ladies– the man is simply oozing with class.

Sophisticated and cultured, Bond draws in the women like a magnet. They’re attracted to his wit, his suaveness, his regal way of doing things.

This is the reason why most alphas are not known to be brash. They are always composed. They put a lot of thought into their words and actions.

And more often than not, they put a high premium on rational thought over emotional whims.


ambitious guy

Alphas are winners. They are not deadbeats who let themselves get kicked to the curb. They assert themselves to get what they want. A true alpha has goals and ambitions that he wants to accomplish in his life– and he won’t stop at anything to get them. Obstacles? Failure? The alpha will bounce back stronger than before. He’s not afraid of anything.

Looks Good

good looking

You don’t have to be genetically gifted to look good. While some men might have won the genetic lottery by accident, there’s only so much that good genes can take you. “Looking good” here means always looking like you’re at your very best. And this is not merely a superficial thing alone.  Studies have shown that how you project yourself to others can have an impact on your mind. Healthy, fit body = healthy fit mind.

Aside from having a healthy body, an alpha also knows how to dress to impress women and dress smart. He does not dress gaudily. Whle his fashion tastes are not dictated by fashion trends, he dresses comfortably as he pleases.

Socially Savvy

Socially savvy

An alpha knows his way around people. This is the reason why most alpha men are good communicators. They have perfected the art of banter and can communicate effectively with anyone regardless of gender, financial status, age, nationality, etcetera.

With women, the alpha male can flirt without being too provocative. He can express his feelings easily through proper body language, eye contact, and tone of voice, without being judged as creepy. Women love him not because he’s a smooth talker, they love him because he knows what he’s saying.

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