What Attracts Women to Men – 7 Alpha Male Traits

what attracts women to men

There are numerous myths and misconceptions in pop-culture that attempt to figure out the theory of what attracts women to men in the 21st century.

A lot may seem to have changed over the years but, all the same, there are those attributes and traits most women still find quite appealing in men that make them fall crazy in love with such men.

Let’s take a look at 7 alpha male traits of what attracts women to men.

  • SELF-CONFIDENCE – All women like to associate or start strong relationships with men who are assured of themselves. A nervous, timid guy may leave too many question marks gaps for women to fill, which makes it quite hard for women to make in-depth analysis about the man. Particularly in a social setting like an occasion, men with confidence always put women at ease and are open to share stuff that would make them have some great time together.
  • SENSE OF HUMOR – Women have a strong affinity for men who are immersed with sense of humor. Such men seem quite easy to approach, flirter with and even seem to be quite fast conversation starters – all the essential ingredients that most women find quite charming in a man. A man who is boring and lacks sense of humor is a huge turn-off for women because they are quite hard to approach, flirter, or impress. Any women would rather wish to be with someone quite spontaneous, with a vast sense of humor in order to have some great time together, and whom they can easily relate with and talk to.
  • ABILITY TO LISTEN – A lot of women like to talk about their feelings with other men, which they don’t want to see their men take for granted. As such, they prefer men who pay attention and remember everything about their last conversation they had together. Such men are perceived to be quite honest and people who care about their lover’s interests, attributes which draw most women to men.
  • CLOTHING – Women are immensely attracted to all men who dress well, so style does matter.  On the other hand, this doesn’t mean he has to fit in an overly expensive Armani suit each and every day, no! — Rather should look well-rounded and put-together even in other types of clothes. Interesting statistics show women find men sexually desirable when they wear red.
  • SMELL – Pheromones are found to be the body’s natural chemicals that draw all humankind together on a primal level. They’re usually odorless, but the body’s psyche confirms them even from the exemption of the nose. In fact, men can’t control their own pheromones, but they have to be clean for other women to pick up on them. Normally women have more heightened sense of smell than men, so they easily pick on scents a man splashes on even after a shower. Consequently, the more a man puts on a powerful smelling cologne, the more women are drawn to him
  • SEX APPEAL – Lastly, it’s all about sex appeal people! Women are attracted to men with a strong sex appeal. They are really drawn to men who seem to be fully distracted by the magnificent beauty of their body carvings. More so bear in mind, love begins before even the actual physical act is launched. For any man who wishes to work on his sex appeal in order to impress a woman, be more romantic, tease her a little bit and caress her with small touches without portraying any awkward rush toward the finish line. Women are attracted to men whose behaviors are at best and promise sensuality.

Above is a list with important, interesting details of what attracts women to men. If you are a man, searching for that special someone whom you want to forge some strong bonds of affair and intimacy with, make sure you work on these resilient traits to help you draw women of any status and different tastes to your life. These alpha male traits are quite easy to work on, so rock that woman’s world abundantly.

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