What If She Has A Boyfriend…

Alright you’re talking to a girl, and everything’s going great, and then she tells you she has a boyfriend.

I HAVE A BOYFRIEND.” We all know this sucks!

So I’m sure it has happened to all of us, it’s certainly happened to me when I was single. So what if she has a boyfriend?

The first thing you need to do is figure out if she actually has a boyfriend, You don’t do that by talking to her a whole bunch about it.

You do it by assuming she does have a boyfriend.

One of the reason’s women will actually say) if they don’t’ actually have a boyfriend) they wanna see if you had no chances with them if you’d still be talking with them and still be nice to them.

And if you decide to walk away from her she’ll still view it that you were trying to get into her pants.

Obviously not a very good thing, So instead of just walking off get excited, talk to her.

For a split second if she see’s it on your face that she has a boyfriend, you’re done!

Instead, you have to realize that every hot girl (even if she does have a boyfriend) has hot friends. She does!

I promise you , she’s not the one hot girl who will end up with a bunch of other people. She doesn’t, she isn’t that girl.

So if your friends with her and you gonna be friends with her boyfriend if she actually has one, you’d be friends with him to so then you’re going to be invited out with her other hot friends and she’s going to be setting you up with these women.

So a lot of guys are so nervous  around attractive women and are afraid to take the easy way out because they want the girl so bad because they think they’re already screwed.

That’s not the case .

Instead of doing that try to be open to it. What I usually do is start asking about him, like…”is he here can I meet him?! She might go, “yea…here he is.”

And you might introduce yourself to him with a handshake.

And if you say something like, “she won’t stop talking about you”.

That’s a really good thing to say. So then he feels comfortable, you feel comfortable and he will probably go and buy you a drink.

You’ll be friends with them so you can get their number and maybe send her a flirty text message later so she will want to see you again.

So bottom line here is that you made a group of friends which means you will most likely have access to all of their friends too.

Now if she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’ll say something like…”oh he’s not here right now.”

That leaves you to ask, oh really…”so what does he do? Is he around?”.

Start asking a bunch of questions about him. Point here is that you keep getting her to dig deeper into a hole until she actually tells you .

You might be thinking, “what if she has a boyfriend?”Well if you think she does and she’s saying that she does, then you say, “oh I have a girlfriend too”. Then watch her face. She’ll probably think to herself, “what did I do?”

She also might ask why you are talking to her, just tell her that you talk to everyone, is that a problem?

And then a bit later on in the conversation you can say, “I have to tell you something, I don’t actually have a girlfriend.”

You can say that you just wanted to let her know that a lot of women see you, and they want to hook up with you, and that you came out to have a good time and want to attract more women.

She will probably laugh at you for a while, and then she will admit that she doesn’t have a boyfriend either.

So instead of running away like most guys do, you’re going to do the exact opposite that most guys don’t’ do which is you’re going to stick it out because the game is not over.

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