What To Do If A Girl Says She Needs Some Space

when a girl says she needs some space

Let’s face it, if a ¬†girl says she needs some space a lot of guys will start to worry and wonder if she will dump him or leave him for some other guy. Just try not to make the same mistakes most guys make and just….

Give her some space when she needs it!

it’s just that easy, what she’s probably thinking when she says she wants you to give her some space is that she can think about how she can better herself and hopefully come back for a stronger relationship.

By giving her some time is a perfect opportunity to better yourself also.

This time away from her will give you a chance to think about what you might have done wrong in the relationship and do your best next time you spend time with her again.

If you really want to impress her take up a new hobble or do something you always enjoyed doing so when she does eventually come back you can blow her away with your talents and skills.

Don’t think of it so much as she doesn’t want to see you. Think about it as a good chance for you to better yourself for her and have a really good relationship.

When they say give me some space and you keep sending her text messages every second of everyday, saying things like, “hey how are you doing?” Do you miss me, etc.

They don’t want to hear things like that, they just want you to give them some space. So when you actually give a women space you are respecting their wishes and giving them what they want basically.


1. Give her some space
2. Better Yourself
3. Do whatever else you can to keep the relationship strong when she comes back
4. Don’t chase them
5. Respect her time to yourself

If you don’t give a girl the space she wants, what you are doing is letting her know that you don’t care enough to do just that one thing that she said to you. It’s all about respecting her time to herself when she asks for it.

Then she will actually miss and think about you more if you do that. If you keep chasing her, she will keep pulling away. It might hurt you giving her some space but it’s definitely the right way to do it.

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