What To Do If the Girl You Like Suddenly Ignores You


What do you do when the girl you are interested in suddenly starts to ignore you? Everything was going fine and you were both getting along so well, flirting with each other. There seemed to be a good connection but all of a sudden she starts to ignore you.

Steps To Take When A Girl Ignores You

In this case what you need to find out if she is talking to her friends when your not around. If you are not seeing this, then what’s the problem? Well you need to approach her and ask, “hey did I say something wrong, because you seem a little colder than normal and you don’t seem your friendly self at all?

In many cases it might a good idea to distance yourself from her if for whatever reason a girl suddenly ignores you. By distancing yourself from her will let her know that your life does not revolve around her and that you have your own life. It will also let her know that you demand to be treated number one in her life.

If you are not treated this way by her move on and let her see you talking to other girls and having a good time. If she wants to blow you off, let her. It’s not going to effect you.

If she comes around and tries to talk to you again, great, if not don’t even care! If you are focused on doing things to impress her it will make you feel less confident and approval seeking.

Don’t go there. In future, the key is to know how to flirt with a girl instead of coming off as needy and wanting to get her attention as much as possible. This is definitely a sure way to get a girl to ignore your constantly in her face.

Let her know that she needs you way more than you need her and she will want to spend more time with you. If you want more dating advice that will give you the complete tools on how to attract any girl and keep her, I recommend you check out the Tao System pdf by Josh Pellicer. Watch the free video below.


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