Where Have All the Good Women Gone?

Where Are All The Good Women Gone?

You’re on the prowl for a nice, cute, fun woman to date. Where are you going to find her?

Where have all the good women gone so you ask…

You’re a nice guy, so maybe you think the bar scene is a bad idea – it may or may not be, we’ll get to that later.

When it comes to finding women to date, you have to be a bit creative and look for opportunities wherever they might arise, at the bar and elsewhere.

Occasionally you might get introduced to a girl through her friends, which makes it easy for the girl to talk to you.

Even though you might end up not liking the woman, people who know you have a pretty good idea of your personality and who might be a good fit, so if someone tries to play Cupid and fix you up with someone they know, give it a shot.

The worst that could happen is that you won’t like each other. No harm done. And, ideal situation, you might connect with someone that you absolutely enjoy being around.

Don’t forget the opportunities that sound more like a sitcom side-story, like meeting a woman at the coffee house while waiting for your morning brew, or at the Laundromat, the grocery store, the gym or in line at the bank.

If you find a woman you feel attracted to, give her a smile and say, “hi.” Who cares if you just came from the gym, didn’t shower or you just came from the office.

If a woman strikes up a conversation with you, don’t shy away – talk to her. There is a chance it may turn into something special, but if it doesn’t well at least you will learn something from the interaction.

Depending on the type of work you do for a living, you may have many opportunities to meet women through your job.

Some companies frown on dating among their employees, but there’s no harm in flirting a little, and if you’re not risking your job, you may find that there are plenty of single women at work.

Don’t forget your hobbies. This is a great way to meet women with whom you have things in common.

Join clubs or take classes related to your interests. Better yet, sign up for something you’re interested in, but haven’t yet tried.

This gives you a chance to meet new people, and do something new at the same time.

You could connect with nice women at the bar on Friday or Saturday night.

Sometimes women are out having a drink with friends to celebrate a birthday or promotion – there’s nothing wrong with that, and if she’s there, it does not mean she’s always there.

Just don’t think of the bar as your only dating pool.

And if she’s had enough drinks to make her dance on the table, or sit on your lap even though you just met, she’s probably not what you’re looking for in Mrs. Right anyway.

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