Why Women Want Jerks Instead Of Nice Guys

women want jerks instead of nice guys

So is it really true that women want jerks instead of nice guys?

Most guys can remember a time when they knew a girl who had two guys chasing her. One guy was the “NICE GUY” who was always nice to her and the other was the “Jerk “that use to tease and and treat her bad.

The good guy would take her out on nice dates to dinner and to the movies and buy her nice gifts.

But he would never get the “good stuff” he wanted.

Love and affection was out of his reach, and no matter how nice he was to her, he’d never have the balls to kiss, touch or try to have sex with her.

Meanwhile, the jerk was getting all the “good stuff” from her that the good guy wanted but wasn’t getting.

The jerk wasn’t taking her out on dates or buying her nice things.

In fact, the bad guy seemed to treat her badly without apology. He even disrespected her. But, the jerk was getting all the affection, the kisses, touching and sex from her.

But the good guy was the guy she really wanted.

He treated her well. The jerk treated her like shit. So why did she seem to prefer the jerk?

falling-for-bad-boysFalling for Bad Boys

Now, some people say it’s because women want to be treated like shit. Or they say that the “bad guy” is more exciting than the unpredictable, boring guy.” The deeper reason has nothing to do with whether women want to be treated poorly or not; and the deeper reason has nothing to do with whether women want excitement in their lives or not.

Why do women want jerks instead of nice guys?

The deeper reason has to do with confidence. Its simple; the “jerk “exuded confidence, the “good guy” didn’t. That’s why he “got the girl” instead of the “good guy”.

Confidence makes a woman feel good. When you have confidence, a woman feels good around you. She feels safe and protected. She feels secure.

Women like bad guys because they they are not boring and unpredictable

Have you ever played the part of the good guy sometime in your life? Many of us shy guys have. So, some people say the same answer is to just treat girls like shit.

But if you do, the only girl who you’ll end up with is girls with low-self esteem.

And you’ll get tired of that pretty quick. Women with low-self esteem will become a pain in the neck.

They’ll be clingy and needy.

You may think that sounds good, but having someone cling all over will make you feel suffocated.

You’ll feel smothered. You want out. That’s just not a good solution.

Again just ask any woman what they want in a man, and “confidence” makes it to almost any list.

Women will choose a confident man over even over better looking, wealthier guys.

People can argue until they are blue in the face about what women want or don’t want.

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